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Starting somewhere (anywhere)

It’s either very apt or very naff to start off this little writing adventure with a reflection on ‘getting started’. I’m distracted by airport announcements, emails I might need to check (though there’s nothing urgent) and Facebook posts[1], among many other things.  I want to do anything but write; I’m looking for something to so desperately require my attention (“Sh*t, I think that plant over there is dying. For the sake of oxygen on the planet, I better get up and water that plant!”).

And yet, here we are.  Starting (somewhere), amidst lots of inventive possibilities not to start.  I haven’t got this all figured out by the way, just the next few moves – and if you’re reading this, I’m afraid you’re along for the ride.   So I’m starting somewhere, anywhere, here and now – it’s a little scary, but really not as bad as I thought.   The imaginary road blocks that I created for myself included:

  • Who would care?  There’s too much information out there anyway and, like, way smarter people than me sharing it.
  • Isn’t that a bit self-absorbed?
  • That’s great, but I’ll just wait until I’ve finished watching the rest of Season Six of Entourage.  I deserve that time for myself.

This thing about ‘just start somewhere’ doesn’t have to be big or grand, mainly something that raises the octaves in your voice a little higher when you talk about it.  Sure, take some time to think about what you’d like to ‘start’…but I invite you to just think of one thing you’d really like to do.  A regular craft group, a dance class, a walking school bus at your child’s school, a side business baking and selling elegant cupcakes….

Easy tiger, just one will do (we’re starting anywhere remember, not everywhere)?   A (lovingly) straight-talking friend will be such a tremendous asset here – actually, think right now of the person you least want to talk to about this idea, and tell them.  There’s a reason you don’t want them to know!  They might tell you something you really need to hear.

So, that’s my offering for now – if there’s something you want to do, just start somewhere.  The ducks will never be in a row, the stars will never be aligned.  There will never be a perfect time…. blah blah blah.  This is nothing new, I hope many of you have heard this before.   It might not be outstanding at first (more on that in a future post), but… so what?

PS And if you can’t think of anyone to tell – tell us here!  Leave a comment here or email me.  Always happy to be a sounding board.


The other thing I’m starting right now is making friends and building a network over here – a mixture of exciting and daunting, but totally doable of course.  It’s emerging slowly, with my students, my fellow English teachers, joining a committee… Tomorrow it’s meeting a bunch of Aussies to watch the AFL grand final!

[1] This post was originally written in December 2012 (and edited today), in transit to Sydney to visit my best friend!  The ‘thing’ to get started was writing.  So it only took me nine months!  (ooohh, ahh, there’s something else that takes nine months to develop, how poetic…)

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