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Curious? About this blog

Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

What it’s all about

“Using experiences from all walks of life, no matter how seemingly insignificant at the time, to create a ‘junkyard of the mind’.  This is one of the most valuable assets a person can build and tap into during their life”

An early mentor and now good friend of mine, Craig Salt, shared this ‘junkyard’ concept with me nearly 10 years ago[1].

This blog is a place to record, sift through and draw from the ‘junkyard of the mind’.    There is a focus on travel in terms of exploring new places and meeting new people, in the process often putting our own personal values, beliefs and resilience to the test.  Anything from humour to danger could be the basis of insights into our own growth and development, and applied to other parts of our life, relationship and careers.

Creating a ‘junkyard of the mind

A junkyard is a deceptive place, really.  It might not be pretty, you probably won’t find two things exactly the same and you don’t know when you’ll need that ‘thing’ you’ve got stashed away.

There is real skill in sorting quickly, finding what you need and using it to your desired effect.

Travel, volunteering, joining a salsa class, learning any new skill, taking up aikido, raising children…the junkyard’s creation can come from anywhere, but it requires deliberate attention, seeking out variety and some comfort with ambiguity.

Connecting with others

My longer-term goal is to connect with and build upon a shared (real and virtual) community of action-takers and passion-followers seeking to make some contribution and have impact for the world.   I’m inspired by people like Chris Guillebeau from The Art of Non-Conformity and Seth Godin, a prolific writer, thinker and creative, who are both about ‘making things happen’.

My recent move to Shanghai and sidestep career wise from business consulting into English teaching is the physical ‘marker’ and catalyst for this blog.   Writing and blogging also provides another valuable connection with friends and family.

And lastly, as I was reminded by my Dad recently, there will come a time in my life when – if I’m lucky – I’ll be an older woman looking back, remembering the people, places and perceptions of this special time in my life.  So it’s nice to think there will be some record for the future, and in the process, contribute something in the here and now.

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